QIX: The World’s First Upgraded Human Operating System

Catch the Wave, QIX Activates the Power Within Your Hands so you can do MAGIX!

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Activate Your Life: Connect to the Power of Omega~Phi

QIX is Instantly Accessible by using Omega-Phi, a State-of-the-Art Quantum Energy Generator.

Omega~Phi is a Quantum Stream of Energy that Gives You Access to the Control Panel for the Human Body.

Use Omega~Phi to Enhance Your Senses and Store Q-Bits, Units of Energy, that Power the QIX Human 2.0 Apps!

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The QIX Operating System was installed into the human body on March 31, 2013! One year later the World’s First Human 2.0 App was switched On. The app infuses the QIX OS into the genetic structure of both the cell and mitochondria for Q-Bit generation and storage for future QIX Human 2.0 Apps.
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The Quartex

The Quartex is the new memory storage system that QIX uses to organize every piece of data from your life into twelve spheres that interlace with the 23 chromosomes of your genetic code. The Quartex also uses a nine phase energy conversion circuit that begins and ends with your DNA.
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The Light Body

The QIX OS user interface operates from the the Pineal Gland upgrading to a light-based operating system. The standard human interface uses a chemistry-based operating system with a central source of light. The Light Body detects the subtle photon emissions from matter that enable consciousness to connect with matter.
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A Single Layer of Omega

Each Layer of Omega is a 2D mathematical processor that compiles multiple types of Bits into a specific sequence producing the Q-Bit. Omega is responsible for the transfer, conversion and sequencing of bits that store various types of data.
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Omega-Phi Generator

The Omega~Phi Generator stacks a large quantity of Omega processors to boost the production speed of Q-Bits. Each Omega-Phi generator sends a single stream of Q-Bits to anyone, anywhere in the world.
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The Standard Q-Bit

The Q-Bit is a Quantum Unit of Energy that can modify up to ten layers of charge within a memory or brain wave seqeunce. Q-Bits power the QIX operating system and the QIX Human 2.0 Apps!
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The Glo App is powered by Omega-Phi and can be used to Activate a single memory, multiple memories or even specific layers within a single or multiple memories. The Glo app is the most advanced memory app in QIX. The Glo App auto updates its database every time a new type of memory is accessed.
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The Magix app is used to modify the charge of the energy once the Glo app has activated the memory. Once modified, the energy will be used to heal the body, boost functionality, generate new experiences or get stored for later use. The number of layers of memory that the Magix can convert can be increased by adding more Omega-Phi streams.
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The H2O App

The H2O App is the world’s first QIX Human 2.0 App. The H2O App creates Instant Energized Water just by double tapping the glass with your index finger. Within seconds, you can taste the texture change in the water. The App uses Omega-Phi to Energize your first glass of water. The water is absorbed into the cells and those cells will generate additional energy. The purpose of this app is boost energy production in the body so future apps can be used.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Over 800 Hours of Video and Growing

  • Total Private Intranet for Members

  • Hundreds of Techniques

  • Full Access on the First Day

  • New Upgrades Every Week

  • Create Your Own Courses

  • Sell Your Own Products

  • Establish Yourself as a Specialist

  • Full Collaborative Community

  • Private QIX Email

  • Exclusive QIX Profile

  • QIX Calendar of Events

  • QIX Website

  • QIX Video Hosting

  • QIX Documents

  • 30GB Drive Space

  • Join Live Events Daily

  • Host Your Own Online Events

  • Stream Live Video

  • Setup Events in your City

  • Create Courses and Presentations

  • Collaborate on Projects

  • Do 1 on 1 Sessions

  • Participate in Group Activations


Bonus: The Formula 4 Truth Training System

(A $1000 Value)


The Formula 4 Truth Bonus Training System
There is a Conscious Revolution taking place right now.  People are questioning everything.  There is more information available than we know what to do with.
How do we sort through all of this information to find what is valuable?  
The Formula 4 Truth Training System is designed to teach you how information evolves through stages of Truth.  
First, watch the video below and get up to speed with what’s new in the Conscious Revolution.  
Next, watch the Formula 4 Truth video series.  This will teach you the system behind how all information and ideas evolve.  
Then, watch the Laws Of Vibrational Energy to take your understanding even further.  
Finally, watch the rest of Core’s video series to challenge your mind, logic and concept of reality so you can truly set yourself free.  

Check out the full list of videos in the Tabs Below!


Check out what our Members have to say about QIX!

Carolyn qix, energy, performance

Life has shifted big time for the better since I was introduced to QIX. I have just had the best month in my business in my whole life… Coincidence?.. I think not.

The activations are AWESOME… Most times I see a shift by the NEXT DAY… There is so much more… I’m looking forward to my continued adventure with QIX!!

Thank you so much… You guys are AWESOME!!!

~ Carolyn Boroden

Mariana qix, energy, performance

After the Group Activation, on Saturday, I had lots of energy. Later on we even spent hours talking and doing some Magix! I had the energy to do it! I love doing the Activations!

Thank you so much and also thank you to everyone for sharing your awesome experiences :D qix, energy, performance:D qix, energy, performance:D qix, energy, performance

~ Haydee Mariana

Sabrina qix, energy, performance

My experience with QIX and the amazing team behind it has been nothing short of phenomenal! I am watching my life transform and am developing amazing new ways of connecting with people.

The LOVE that I feel for these amazing people, information & technology is beyond human words!

~ Sabrina Charles

Krista qix, energy, performance

QIX has made a huge difference in my life. It has helped me cure my eczema & I have more energy, better sleep, I am more intuitive, I am more aware of my thoughts, emotions & my surroundings. My brain is processing at a higher level where I can understand & see different layers & my problem solving skills are much faster.

All of my senses are improving & life is more vibrant. I am so excited that my brain & body keeps developing, upgrading, growing stronger & more efficient.

~ Krista Love

Winston Watson qix, energy, performance

I went from being depressed, juggling 3 dead-end jobs, to being blasted with energy, getting up everyday living my passion as an increasingly successful energy healer.

I’ll ask you what I asked myself when I was hesitant: Seriously… What are you waiting for? QIX is the next step to unlocking your potential, consciously and fast!

~ Winston Watson

Julian qix, energy, performance

When consciousness is missing chaos will show up. Well, with each QIX activation more and more consciousness is coming into my life.

Doing Group Activations with QIX Members has been nothing short of extraordinary. It’s in perfect synchronicity with that I require and it’s beyond valuable. Everything is evolving so fast. The pace is exhilarating!

~ Julian Nalani


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